Microkeratome blade M2 design
Brand name: MICROsharpes
Instructions for Use
Microkeratome blade M2 design intended use:

Intended to create a flap that approximates the average flap thickness produced by the given microkeratome head

Microkeratome blade M2 design indication
  • Instruments are sterile, single use disposable devices intended for using during ophthalmic surgical procedures.
Microkeratome blade M2 design contraindications
  • Re-use is prohibited.
  • Re-sterilization is prohibited.
  • Do not use it after expiry date.
  • Do not use it if product’s aseptic condition is considered spoiled by broken package.
Set up MicroKeratome blade M2 design:
  • Remove the inner plastic pack from the peel pouch.
  • Place the pack with the blade side down and remove the top of the pack (2B).
  • While the head is in the pack, assemble the motor onto the head and rotate it clockwise.
  • Once assembled, inspect the blade under microscope.
  • Activate the motor to check that the blade is engaged and oscillates correctly.
  • Press on the vacuum foot pedal and then on the reverse foot pedal to reposition the shaft of the Microkeratom motor.
  • Before the keratectomy, make sure that the post of the selected suction ring slides properly
    into the head. Assemble the head onto the ring by rotating the locking ring clockwise.
  • Lubricate the Microkeratom Single Use head and its blade, before the cut, with appropriate
  • After the procedure, rotate the locking ring counterclockwise and remove the suction ring from the Microkeratom Single Use head.
  • To disassemble the Microkeratom Single Use head, insert it into its pack and rotate the motor counterclockwise. Discard the head and its pack
  • Risk assess the use of the devices in relation to the medical benefit of the procedure and take necessary precautions with patients with known sensitivity to nickel.
  • The device is supplied with the blade in perfect condition.
  • Should the device be accidentally dropped onto a hard surface, check the blade integri under the microscope before use and discard if the blade is damaged.